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Address: 1200 - 1206 West Bristol Street, Elkhart Indiana, 46524

Phone: ...574-850-5223

F.A.X.: ...574-wait.. does anyone use these anymore?



GPS: ......ask tomtom or serri

longitude and lattitude: 41.681993, -85.976667....23 degrees above sea level

today: ......usually sunny with a bit of weather.


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We always like to add new items that you've requested or we think you'll love and need. Occassionaly we will feature a product or line here and offer a special deal or discount for finding this easter egg somewhere on this site.

This month we're featuring Ernie Ball Strings.
Ernie Ball Strings

Look around the site find another reference to Ernie Ball and click it to get a printable coupon for some savings on Ernie Ball... ( ah nope that wasn't the egg .. keep looking )


If you still can't find us look for this place...we've got lot's of signs too... if you're lost give us a call... we'll stand outside and yell!!!


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Midwest Musician's Co-op
1200 - 1206 West Bristol Street, Elkhart, In, 46514

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