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Here's a little story about a man named Jimi and his dream....

Jimi LovittJimi has been in the music business since 1975.

He went to work at Witmer-McNease Music in South Bend, IN. in the Summer of 1975 and was taken under the wing of E.H. "Mac" McNease and learned the retail music business.

From there he went to work as a sales Rep for Kay Guitars in Chicago and got to call on Music stores all though the Midwest.

Jimi founded the Midwest Musician's CO-OP and is currently Director of the Midwest Musician's CO-OP.

Jim's knowledge of vintage guitars and instruments is second to none being in the music business for so long he really knows his instruments.

We're growing day by day it seems, with all the new additons to the shop like becoming a Guild, Danelectro, Kustom, Jay Turser and Cort dealer in addition we also carry BadAax, Vento, Barrington and Roy Benson wind instruments.

Also include Local Makers: Music Factory Direct, Perry Germann Guitars, Jeff Jones Amps and Guitars, Jim Newberry Guitars and Basses, are also here with even more coming soon..

With our latest move to Parkmor Plaza in Elkhart we've tripled our size and are in a more visible and retail friendly location.

Now in over 8,000 sq feet of space we were able to open up with lot's of room to grow and expand. We have a huge basement that is going to have open jams on our stage, larger lesson rooms, possibly a little recording studio too.

We have lighting rigs and P.A. Systems set up and ready to demo and use.

We're ready to rock the area and give musician's what they've always wanted and needed. A great place to go hang out, talk, get the help they need at prices everyone can afford.

All of us at the Co-op are really excited about what's happened already and what's to come.


We are now renting band instruments, Click the link below to rent right now online or stop into the shop for more information today!

Click hree to rent online

use the following code:



Have an old instrument gathering dust? Maybe one you just don't play anymore or some old gear you've been meaning to pull out and get rid of?

Bring it on down, we'd love to help you out be it a trade, upgrade or just not needing it anymore. We'll help put it back into shape and into the hands who'll love it and play it.

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